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Digital painting
SoraShirou-SAI-1 by BriarRoseDoucette
a digital painting-colors included
[1 slot open]
Sketch with basic coloring
Elf, Dude, and Musketeer by BriarRoseDoucette
Ink drawing with colored pencils.
[10 slots open]
Character Sketch
Finn by BriarRoseDoucette
Going-Down by BriarRoseDoucette
Seated Englishman by BriarRoseDoucette
Either in pencil or in black ink.
[20 slots open]


This describes my art inspires.


Wow, love your sketches ^^
Tue May 19, 2015, 3:03 PM
Hi! Thanks for the fav!!!
Wed Aug 6, 2014, 5:11 AM
Sooo muuch fooooood!!!!!! Stuffed.
Sun Jun 22, 2014, 11:15 AM
WEEEKEND VACATION~! ...but most of my time will be spent in the car, driving there.
Thu Jun 19, 2014, 6:30 PM
Thu Jun 19, 2014, 6:29 PM

which would you like to see more art of? 

3 deviants said minor characters
2 deviants said Sora
2 deviants said I want to see all of it.
1 deviant said Tseng
1 deviant said Kenmei
1 deviant said get out of your stupid comic book, man! Draw some flippin fanart already!
No deviants said comment below

Not Right in the Head

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 30, 2015, 8:42 AM
I'm Psychic or something!

Comment Skin

Okay, so this does not make sense to me:
"We're going to lower taxes on the poor people, and simply raise taxes on the rich people. Hopefully with that, we can raise the poor up to middle class."
I get the part where you lower taxes on the poor people, and I admit, it is a good move. But raising taxes on the rich people? WHAT? Are you out of your minds?
Oh? You're going to take that tax money from the rich people and give it to the poor people to raise them to middle class?
You heard me. I called it. BULLSHIT.
Instead of stealing the dough from your citizens, how about you quit forking it out to places like China, Russia, and Japan?
How about you stop letting illegal immigrants over our borders and giving them monetary benefits? That's like paying to allow terrorists into your country-oh wait, you already have: 9-11. 
How about, instead of bleeding the country dry, you put a halt to foreign aid for a while, until we can get our own economy back to good levels?
How about instead of paying the government for sitting on their asses, we take that money and use it to create new facilities and generate more American-made products to export, instead of just forking money over to other countries for their imports?
The cold hard truth of the matter is that America has gotten sloppy, lazy, and morally unsound.
You heard it. Morally unsound. 
What you have said amounts to this:
"We're going to stop taking from the poor people, and we're going to take even more from the rich people, even without their consent, and if they don't allow us to take it from them, then we'll just use our strength to make them submit."
I don't know about much, but taking things without permission is called stealing.
And that line right there sounded an awful lot like something that comes from a gang, or the mafia, rather than an honest man.
The politicians that offer so many 'benefits' for the poor people are actually a bunch of thugs. Who knew.
If only that were the whole of it, but no, it isn't. You are trying to create something much worse than that.
You are trying to create a generation dependent upon the government. 
I'm sorry? The last few governments that did that were the USSR and Nazi Germany, and we KNOW how those turned out. If we do not check the government's power where it stands, then I fear that America's name shall become another word used as a warning: 'Beware, lest we end up like the United States of America.'
But you don't care. The country is already doomed to burn, and you Neros play upon your golden harps, fanning the flames.
Through government aid, you are admitting that people don't know how to handle themselves, and then with sinister slyness, you gladly take control.
You don't show them how to control themselves.
You don't build them up to be strong men and woman with courage in their hearts and a fire in their eyes.
You teach them to be afraid, and steal their light. Afraid, lest their government aid lifeline be cut off.
Afraid lest they lose their government-given housing, and their government-given benefits. 

It has been said "Beware of the Greeks bearing gifts." but I say, 'beware of politicians who come bearing benefits.'
For those who give benefits also hold the right to with-hold them. And this grants the giver no little amount of power.
You power-mongers. You jackals. You hyenas. You brigands. You tyrants. Your terrorists. 
You have been unmasked. 

If only the honest man could stand up for what he started, if only he would take the jeers and insults and brave them in the face of something better.
Because we could be better. We could be so much better than this.
We could help lift up the poor without striking the rich. We could create a much better America, with clean energy. We could create jobs, and things that no one has ever even dreamed of.
But we can be nothing if we are ruled by men who are brigands and thieves, who are no better than gangsters or mafia-men, who are no better than a common crook.

And once they perch up at the top-you will find it difficult to dislodge them.


You think you've seen everything? Well you're DEAD WRONG!


BriarRoseDoucette's Profile Picture
Rose Doucette
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
I love sketching, but I hate coloring, cuz I'm not as good at it. I collect things: scarves, hats, paraphernalia, etc. I have sudden flashes where I know exactly how to draw like everything, and then I have weeks where all I can do is sketch faces. most of the time none of my drawings are finished because of time constraints. Like, every time I sit down, someone calls me away. SO annoying. But I won't stop. I've got a story that I have to complete, and it's not gonna let me go until I bring it to life. Literally, I've been losing sleep between this and my part time job.

Please feel free to leave a comment! I love talking to other artists!

My Skype username is briar.rose17
Feel free to contact me at


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your art is neat, the sketches are really nice.
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thank you for the watch:D
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I'm kinda sick today... but I made something.
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really? What did you make?
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